September 7, 2018

Watch: How Christopher Nolan's 'Following' Laid the Groundwork for His Career

Christopher Nolan’s ultra low-budget indie debut provided signs of the director’s later work.

While Memento was the first film that catapulted him into public consciousness, Christopher Nolan’s first film was actually made two years prior. Following is an urban noir and the story of two men. One is a a shy, retiring writer and the other a burglar, though they are united by a voyeuristic fascination with the lives of others that will lead to no good end and a double-twist ending of remarkable dexterity.

In the video below, Thomas Flight looks for hallmarks of the director’s style that are already present in his debut, a film that should be a true inspiration for any would-be indie filmmaker out there, a feature shot on a year’s worth of Saturdays for $6,000.

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Source: NoFilmSchool