August 31, 2018

'If You Have a Vision, Try to Keep It ’: Mastering 1970s Crime Cinema in ‘Let the Corpses Tan’

“We want to be sensational.”

Filmmakers Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani have a growing reputation as the biggest and boldest purveyors of pastiche. Their latest film, Let the Corpses Tan, does not disappoint. This time exploring the erotic violence of the Spaghetti Western and psychedelic experiments of the 1960s and 1970s, the filmmakers are nothing short of visual masterminds.

Adapted from a 1971 novel by Jean Patrick Manchette, the film follows a cadre of criminals who hole up in a crumbling Mediterranean village with a has-been writer and his exquisitely destructive muse, Luce. In this cascade of genre fetishism, no shot is wasted.

Cattet and Forzani sat down with No Film School on the eve of the film’s theatrical release to talk about storyboarding in the script, creating meaningful mise-en-scène, and never surrendering your vision.

No Film School: How did you adapt the novel into the script, knowing that the imagery would be absolutely everything in this film?

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Source: NoFilmSchool