August 26, 2018

5 Simple 'Desert Island' Effects You Can Do In-Camera

These effects are so easy, you barely even need your camera to do ’em.

What’s a “desert island” effect? Well, imagine being on a desert island thousands of miles away from your gear bag, a camera store, or like, the photo+video section on Craigslist and all you have with you is your trusty camera, a tripod, and whatever you have on your person. What kind of cool in-camera tricks do you think you could pull off? If you take a look at this video from the team over at Film Riot, you’ll at least be able to do five.

These effects are great to have in your back pocket regardless of your budget or access to gear. They’re incredibly simple to do, they can add a ton of production value to your film without costing you anything, and you don’t need much if any additional gear. Again—you crash land on a desert island with your camera and somehow both of you survive—guess what. You can still make an awesome movie.

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Source: NoFilmSchool