August 24, 2018

A Marriage (and a Divorce) Through Pre-Production: The Unusual Collaboration Behind ‘Loveling’

Gustavo Pizzi and Karine Teles wrote the script for ‘Loveling’ in the throes of divorce; they didn’t know their bittersweet lessons on love would make the film so beautiful.

Loveling (known as Benzinho in Brazil) is the tale of a mother preparing to say goodbye to her oldest son leaving home at the end of the summer. The lead actress, Karine Teles, and the director, Gustavo Pizzi, were married when they started to write the script. Through divorce, they discovered the highs and lows of love and family breakdown, and these hard-learned lessons wove themselves into the film.

From impressionistic visuals that use color and framing to explore the characters’ inner emotions to an extensive dedication to the naturalism of the cast, their collaboration creates a poignant rumination on letting go.

Pizzi and Teles first sat down with No Film School on the eve of their film’s premiere at Sundance to talk about writing separately post-divorce, rehearsing to prepare for the distracting experience on set, and how through thick and thin, they never gave up on the film.

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Source: NoFilmSchool