August 19, 2018

This Super Simple Editing Hack Will Fix Your Flicker Quick

Nope, it’s not magic, just really clever editing.

You know when your video footage has that really nasty flickering in it? Yeah, that’s just the worst thing ever. “Where’s the hot shot that turned a strobe light on during the shoot,” you wonder, but hey, I promise it wasn’t the hot shots’ fault. It’s banding, or flickering, which happens when the frequency of a light source doesn’t match up nicely with the frame rate of your camera. If you’re like, “Yeah, cool information…wish I knew that before I shot all my footage,” don’t throw your work out just yet. Filmmaker Peter McKinnon has a ridiculously quick and easy hack that may fix your flicker problem completely. Check out his tutorial below:

Earlier this year, we posted a similar “flicker fix” technique from Blue Mantle Films that had a couple of extra steps and left a bit of a blurry double-exposure look to the footage. McKinnon’s technique, which you might’ve previously seen on a Philip Bloom tutorial several years ago, simplifies the process slightly by requiring just two video layers and doesn’t seem to produce much visible blur.

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Source: NoFilmSchool