August 17, 2018

Watch: How a Filmmaker Edited a Family's Home Movies to Craft a Fictional Narrative

A mockumentary culled from found footage? A doc-com? A hybrid? Dean Fleischer-Camp’s ‘Fraud’ often defies description.

If a film’s visuals provide ideas, the edit in which they’re strung together provides the meaning. Perhaps no greater example of this exists than in Dean Fleischer-Camp’s Fraud, a found-footage documentary that’s very description should come bookended by quotation marks.

Surveying over 100 hours of footage derived from a nuclear family’s personal Youtube channel, Fleischer-Camp and his editor pick-and-chose isolated moments from the family’s home movies, creating a devious, dark narrative that implicated the parents as criminals desiring insurance money. Of course, none of this was true; Fleischer-Camp structured the footage in such a way that only made it appear as such.

As the film debuts on digital platforms today, we’re excited to host an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at how the cinematic magic trick of illusion was pulled off.

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Source: NoFilmSchool