August 17, 2018

Learn How to Build a DIY Ring Light like Roger Deakins

One of Roger Deakins’ secret cinematographic weapons is a ring light that you can actually build yourself.

Becoming a world-class cinematographer like Oscar winner Roger Deakins doesn’t happen overnight. (Obviously.) It not only takes decades of experience and experimentation but also a lifelong love of and openness to learning new things about your craft. Thankfully, Deakins is not shy about sharing his wealth of knowledge, and one thing he often talks about when describing his gear is a lighting tool that can really help you up your game. In this video, Todd Blankenship and Logan Baker of Shutterstock show you how to build one. Behold, the Roger Deakins ring light.

Ring lights are great when you want to create a nice, soft light to a scene, and the size of this thing will ensure that it not only covers plenty of area but that the light is also and soft as possible. (The bigger the ring, the softer the light.) This build will fit roughly 25 tungsten bulbs, so, yeah, it’ll be quite large.

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Source: NoFilmSchool