August 12, 2018

Jim Carrey Mocks Trump’s Space Force Idea: ‘To Stupidity and Beyond!’

If you thought Jim Carrey wasn’t going to make a Space Force drawing, you must not have been following his latest artistic endeavors. The actor — who’s made a habit over the last year of drawing unflattering portraits of Donald Trump in particular and his administration in general — has turned his attention to Trump’s ill-defined plan to do…something vaguely militaristic in space.

“Has your Presidency jumped the shark? Better call SPACE FORCE! To stupidity and beyond!!!,” the part-time actor and full-time Trump-troller tweeted.

“It’s not a choice for me to do cartoons. I can’t just watch this nightmare unfold, I have to do something artistic,” Carrey said of his drawings during the Television Critics Association summer tour earlier this month. “He probably loves them on some level,” he added. “I’m sure it’s insulting and I’m sure it’s pissed him off, but at the same time, we’re dealing with a narcissist. It’s not always a straight shot. You could do something that’s really horrible to him but because he’s getting a lot of attention, horrible is all right to him.”

Carrey will next be seen in the Showtime series “Kidding,” which premieres on September 9.

Source: IndieWire film