August 6, 2018

New Studio Spotlight: FOOL

New Studio Spotlight: FOOL

Started by artist and designer Chas Barton, the manhattan-based photography studio FOOL is quickly becoming one to look out for. Their unique take on lifestyle and fashion photography is blended beautifully with a wanderlust-worthy portfolio of beautiful backdrops and effective compositions that leave you wanting more. 

What I love about Fool’s style is how classically cinematic it is — and how it captures the spirit and feeling of each moment without being too content-forward. Their stories are told through tiny glimpses into wider experiences, their meanings open to interpretation. With such a nostalgic approach to photography, their work is inspiring enough to keep you reminiscing on where you’ve been or what you’ve done, perhaps when you were younger and a little more foolish. Truth be told, I found myself flicking through their website, seething with jealousy that I was sitting in a box in Mountain View, and not on some sun drenched rope swing in Hawaii.

But the thing that keeps me coming back is that every photo seems to feel like part of a greater narrative — like these moments are somehow all intertwined in a way, and I’m following along on a story of someone’s life.

I reached out to Chas about what Fool is to him, and where he’s trying to take the studio.

In his own words:  

“Fool is a world of beauty attempting to inspire people to live intentionally.

Today, we’re focused on photography. But in time we hope to be collaborating with the ‘fools’ of tomorrow, capturing the essence of their ‘foolish’ ideas. This could be photos, writings, social experiments, designs, and eventually products.

It’s never been about making money, It’s about playing with the most important ideas in my life and sharing them with anyone who will take a look.“

Check out FOOL on Instagram, or visit their website at


Aug 06, 2018

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