August 5, 2018

4 Pro Tips That Will Help You Get Better Sound on Location

Making your audio sound more dimensional, clean, and professional is not as difficult as you might think.

What does it take to record pro-quality sound while shooting on location? Sure, you need a decent microphone (that’s kind of a given), but what are some essential techniques that you can put into practice today that will not only give you audio that sounds good but also sound that is dimensional and works well with your story? In this video, Aputure’s Ted Sim talks with Location Sound Mixer Andrew Jones about how to record better audio for films, videos, and other cinematic projects.

It’s okay to use sound effects

Ask any stock footage/sound professional and they’ll tell you that there is a strange (but lasting) stigma in the filmmaking community about using sound effects in a film. Which is weird. Hollywood and other experienced filmmakers use sound effects all the time to add dimension and character to their audio, so don’t be afraid of using stock or your very own foley to give your tracks more body.

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Source: NoFilmSchool