July 20, 2018

3 Tips on How You Can Encourage Diversity on a Low-Budget Set

Statistics on the homogeneity of many Hollywood films continue to be lousy.

Filmmaker J. Rick Castañeda creates worlds on screen that accurately represent historically underrepresented people, while still keeping features to a finite budget. One big piece of that puzzle for him? Casting, casting, casting!

This USC Annenberg study points out that out of 900 popular films in 2016, just 3.1% of characters with lines were Hispanic. Ouch! Castañeda decided that on his second feature film, a surreal office workplace born out of his experience temping in Hollywood, he would continue a few tricks he learned on his first feature and would represent more people from more places (and more countries). On some sets, getting out of your comfort zone to create diversity can be a challenge. But other times, it’s as easy as keeping the camera populated by actual members of your community.

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Source: NoFilmSchool