July 7, 2018

Got 2 Minutes to Learn 6 Easy In-Camera Transitions?

In-camera transitions can give your project plenty of style without costing you a dime.

A good transition can add a lot of flair and production value to your project. Of course, you can try your hand at designing one in post, an endeavor made easier if you have at least some experience working with Premiere Pro, After Effects, or some other NLE. However, in-camera transitions are often faster, easier, and more fun to pull off—and you’ll spend considerably less time editing in a dark room (which is always good). In this quick video, the team over at Mango Street shows you how to do six different in-camera transitions that are sure to make your next project sexy as hell.

Though it’s not entirely essential, building up your arsenal of in-camera transitions is a smart move to make as a filmmaker. There are so many clever and unique ways to use the space around you, as well as the objects, people, and even light within them, to create some pretty cool ones, but just to give you a place to start, here are the six in-camera transitions mentioned in the video:

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Source: NoFilmSchool