July 6, 2018

'Sharp Objects': DP Yves Bélanger on Letting Available Light and the Subject Shape Your Cinematography

For DP Yves Bélanger of the HBO miniseries ‘Sharp Objects’, following the moment is central, even in a narrative.

Sharp Objects, the new HBO miniseries adapted from Gillian Flynn’s novel and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, could best be seen, at first, as a collection of highly nuanced parts. Some of these parts represent characters with complex backstories and even more complex exteriors. Some of these parts are mini-narratives that draw interest and then intensify. As the series develops, all of these parts draw closer and closer to each other until they join, forming a mural that is both otherworldly and distinctly familiar.

“We don’t add any extra light. So, the subject, the location, creates a different visual effect, because we respect it.”

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Source: NoFilmSchool