June 17, 2018

Samuel L. Jackson Shrugs Off Criticism for Allegedly Homophobic Tweet: ‘They Just Keep Tryin’

Samuel L. Jackson has never been much for self censorship, and has come under fire for his most recent tweet about the Donald trump administration: “Must have been a party at The White House, Mitch [McConnell], Paul [Ryan], Rudy [Giuliani] & others were spotted wearing knee pads & carrying these lined up outside. Happy Birthday.”

Accompanying the tweet is a photo of “After Dick Mints,” a novelty item that comes with the tagline “Going down?” According to Page Six, “Firefly” actor Adam Baldwin responded, “Gay shaming?” in a since-deleted tweet. More than 1,500 people have responded to Jackson’s tweet, some in support and some in anger. Judging by his Instagram, Jackson seems unfazed:

Instagram Photo


Source: IndieWire film