June 8, 2018

Veteran DP Nancy Schreiber on How to Get the Most Out of Canon's New C700FF

Nancy Schreiber, ASC, chats with No Film School about her experience with the C700FF (in both spherical and anamorphic) on ‘A Dishful of Dollars.’

In a career that has spanned features, television, music videos, and commercials, Nancy Schreiber, ASC has a tremendous array of experience that hasn’t prevented her from continuing to keep up with the latest waves in technology. We had a chance to talk to Schrieber recently about her experiences doing a test film of the new Canon C700FF while working with acclaimed music video director Nigel Dick. Belowediteditied highlights from our conversation.

No Film School: How much time did you get to test with the camera before you shot?

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Source: NoFilmSchool