June 1, 2018

The Case for Co-directing: 5 Reasons You Should Find a Creative Collaborator

We release a new short every month. It’s only possible because we do it as a team.

In many ways, a creative partnership is like a marriage. If done right it’s both magical, but perhaps more importantly, economically viable. You might even find yourself finishing each other’s sentences…scripts.

With the launch of our anthology comedy series, Cracking Up in 5, my creative partner Phillip Gladkov and I set out to release a comedic short on the first of each month since April Fool’s Day this year. Churning out a short film month after month, from pre-pro to release, is somewhat of a crazy nonsensical thing to do…but, splitting tasks and having someone you trust, respect, and jive with to hold you accountable definitely makes it all the more possible.

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Source: NoFilmSchool