June 1, 2018

Insuring Your Online Rentals Just Got a Lot Easier Thanks to Heffernan and KitSplit

KitSplit will now offer Instant Insurance on your rental packages that is quoted, well, instantly.

Renting gear is getting easier and easier. With online platforms for connecting filmmakers with the widest spectrum of gear to rent, including from individual owners and rental houses, it’s shocking how fast it can be to get your hands on a needed piece of kit, often last minute. Of course, this being film, accidents still happen that lead to gear getting damaged, and with that ease of renting we don’t want to forget to make sure our gear is covered.

With its new feature KitSplit Instant Insurance, the online rental platform is teaming with Heffernan Insurance Group, backed by OneBeacon, to allow for instant insurance quotes on packages $10,000 and up. Whether it’s for a single day or up to a year, or for a single rental or multiple it’s now built right into the platform with premiums starting at $125. The coverage can also be extended as the situation changes, like if you need to add shoot days. And, of course, for smaller rentals KitSplit has an instant damage waiver program starting at $5.

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Source: NoFilmSchool