May 26, 2018

After 35 Years, We Finally Get to See the Score of THX's Terrifying 'Deep Note'

It’s the most awesome, powerful, and terrifying audio trademark in the film industry, and now we get to see how it was written.

Back in 1982, Dr. James “Andy” Moorer wrote a little diddy for Lucasfilm that would join the ranks of the Wilhelm Scream as one of the most iconic sounds in movie history. “Deep Note” served as the audio trademark for THX-certified movie theaters, as well as home video and video games, but you most likely know it as that frightening and uncomfortably powerful sound that played over a simple metallic THX logo before movies.

And now, to celebrate its 35th anniversary, THX has finally made its score public, you know, so we can all know the musical language that scared the bejeezus out of us as kids innocently sitting down to watch our favorite movie. They shared this image on Twitter yesterday:

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Source: NoFilmSchool