May 18, 2018

'BlacKkKlansman', Raunchy Puppets, Queen Biopic, & More Trailers You May Have Missed

Staying on top of the trailer circuit is a full-time job in and of itself. We’re here to help.

Rest assured that the summer movie season doesn’t only include Hollywood blockbusters and overly test-marketed entertainment designed for mass consumption. There are a number of festival favorites set to hit theaters very soon, as well as daring new works from celebrated American auteurs and first-time feature filmmakers. It should be a strong season, especially, as you will notice below, a particularly compelling string of weeks in mid-August. Let’s dive in.

Sorry to Bother You (dir. Boots Riley)

The talk of this past January’s Sundance Film Festival, the first feature from musical artist Boots Riley arrives this summer on the wave of rapturous reviews and mounting anticipation. Starring Lakeith Stanfield as a telemarketer who has to resort to some rather otherworldy (and supremely impressive) techniques to improve his job performance, the trailer implies a film both realistic in its searing social critique and fantastical in the way it sees them through.

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Source: NoFilmSchool