May 12, 2018

Are These 5 Dirt Cheap Filmmaking Must-Haves in Your Gear Bag?

Any gear that is under $100 is worth a closer look.

It’s a cruel joke that filmmaking is as creatively gratifying as it is expensive. Well, it is most of the time—expensive, I mean. Sometimes, when the clouds part and the heavens shine down upon us, a piece of equipment reveals its glory to us, its visage a beacon of hope, its price tag a cape of redemption. Good cheap gear and supplies is what I’m talking about here, my fellow broke-ass filmmakers, so what are some items that are not only essential but also reasonably priced? In this video, Chrystopher Rhodes of YCImaging lists five must-haves that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Here are the items Rhodes lists in the video:

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Source: NoFilmSchool