May 11, 2018

'Roger Rabbit' and 'Blade Runner': Vaughn Stein on His Production Design Influences

Starring Margot Robbie, the new noir ‘Terminal’ takes place in a train station where things are not as they seem.

One of the many accomplishments of Terminal, Vaughn Stein’s debut film, is its creation of a convincing and enmeshing dark subworld in which characters thrash around wildly, all wrestling with their own demons. Another of its accomplishments is that the characters never lose their verbal dexterity in the midst of these struggles.

The story of the film is both old and new, something of a rewriting of Alice in Wonderland as an urban noir fantasy, but also a tale about dishonesty and revenge: a political allegory also serving as a human story.

The film takes place in a vast train station and, more specifically, a seedy diner within that train station. Margot Robbie plays Bunny, a stripper, and Annie, a waitress, who are (basically) the same person. Two of Annie’s regulars at the diner where she works are hitmen, hired by a mysterious gentleman to do a hit, the details of which will be revealed to them at the restaurant.

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Source: NoFilmSchool