May 5, 2018

Watch: How to Gussy Up Grainy Footage in Adobe After Effects

Is your footage grainy and not in a cool 1960s vintage hipster kind of way? There’s a way to reduce it in post.

So, you’ve got some grainy footage on your hands, huh? We’ve all been there. Whether we didn’t (or couldn’t) use enough lighting during our shoot or cranked our ISO a little too high, the fact of the matter is once it’s shot, it’s shot. Unless you’re lucky enough to score a reshoot, you’re going to have to figure out a way to reduce the noise in your footage, otherwise, you’ve got a big, muddy bowl of slop on your hands.

In this tutorial, Shutterstock’s Robbie Janney shows you how to significantly improve your grainy footage in seconds using Adobe’s video tools in After Effects. Check it out below:

If you’re familiar with working with grainy footage in After Effects, chances are you’ve used the Remove Grain tool before. It’s super fast and relatively easy. It works by sampling and then analyzing the grain to effectively remove it from the rest of the footage.

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Source: NoFilmSchool