May 4, 2018

Watch: BTS with the Skeleton Crew of David Lowery's 'A Ghost Story'

A new video shows intimate moments from the set of David Lowery’s ‘A Ghost Story.’

When we spoke to David Lowery about his transcendent A Ghost Story last summer, the director told us that he almost quit halfway through. “There was a point in production where I lost all my confidence,” he said, “and I thought it was too high-concept to succeed.”

Lowery’s primary concern was the viability of the ghost costume on camera. “To make [the ghost] costume work in three dimensions was a feat of mechanical engineering,” he said. “I was consistently sick to my stomach thinking that it would not work. In my mind, it worked beautifully, but on set and in all practical senses, it was very much a work in progress for the first week or two of shooting. We were constantly refining the costume and the way in which we had to photograph the costume, and the way in which Casey [Affleck] had to act while wearing it.”

But the crew convinced Lowery to stick with it. They were a particularly supportive bunch—after all, the skeleton crew was comprised of Lowery’s friends.

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Source: NoFilmSchool