April 22, 2018

Dwayne Johnson Won’t Take You to Prom, but He Will Rent Out an Entire Theater So You Can See ‘Rampage’ — Watch

A high-school student asked Dwayne Johnson to prom, and you’ll never guess what happened next: He said no! It’s okay, though, because the only reason he politely declined was because he’ll be filming “Jungle Cruise” when the end-of-year dance takes place. In lieu of wearing a tux and getting one Katie Kelzenberg a corsage, The Rock was kind enough to rent out an entire theater so that she and her friends could see “Rampage” — and he announced it over the school’s intercom system. Watch below.

Kelzenberg invited Johnson to prom via a clever tweet, which prompted an Instagram response from the eight-time WWE Champion. “I was so impressed by this young lady’s charm and confidence to even ask me (ladies always get shy in front of me) that I had to do something special,” he writes. “I decided to rent out an entire theater (capacity 232 seats) in her town so Katie and her closest 232 friends and family can enjoy a special screening of RAMPAGE.”

“I also taped a special morning message surprising Katie and her high school that will play across the school’s intercom system… literally…RIGHT NOW, Katie should be turning red hearing me surprise her in front of her entire school,” Johnson continues. It’s true:

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