April 14, 2018

How Adobe Is Integrating Other Disciplines into Each of Its Programs

If we had to sum up Adobe’s approach to the future of its post-production video tools in a single word it would be “integration.”

Adobe has added a ton of interesting and powerful features to its collection of post-production applications, but the individual tweaks are not as exciting as its large-scale approach to the future of those applications. From Premiere Pro to Audition, you’ll be able to accomplish multiple tasks within a single program, like color grading or auto-ducking right inside of Premiere Pro. So, instead of having to move your work from Premiere Pro to Audition or SpeedGrade to get your audio or color grade to where you want it to be, Adobe has included those powerful tools right inside of Premiere Pro. (In fact, Adobe has simply combined Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade into one program.)

The new tools and workflows that Adobe has added to Premiere Pro are designed specifically to be robust but also approachable, meaning that it’ll appeal to users of all experience levels.

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Source: NoFilmSchool