April 14, 2018

CoreMelt Reveals Its Impressive New Planar Tracking Paint Tool for Final Cut Pro X

PaintX lets Final Cut Pro X users paint all over their footage and lets the planar tracking tool do the rest.

CoreMelt gave us a sneak peek at its new planar tracking software at NAB. Called PaintX, this tool uses Mocha’s powerful planar tracking engine to allow users to add effects to their footage without having to keyframe it. If you’re familiar with CoreMelt products, you might be thinking, “Oh yeah, you’re thinking of TrackX.” No, TrackX allows users to add text and graphics to footage, but PaintX actually allows them to basically draw effects right onto the frame with familiar brush, color, and blending tools and then just sit back and have the planar tracking technology take care of tracking the camera movements. No keyframing required.

There’s no word on release date or price for PaintX, though it is said to be around the same price as other comparable CoreMelt products (so, $99?), but it will be offered as a stand-alone piece of software, as well as a plugin on Final Cut Pro X.

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Source: NoFilmSchool