April 8, 2018

Watch: 5 Mistakes You Typically See in Student Films (and How to Fix Them)

Knowing what the problems are is the first step in avoiding them.

If you’ve ever gone to film school, then you know student films. You’ve seen really moving, funny, and intelligent movies on premiere days, but you’ve also seen really trite, emotionless, and downright shallow movies, too. You’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s totally normal. It’s next to impossible to make a perfect film right out of the gate, which is why it’s helpful to explore and pinpoint the issues that seem to appear in the vast majority of student and first-time films in hopes that you can realize when you’re making one yourself.

In this video, Sven Pape of This Guy Edits talks with editor Dr. Karen Pearlman, author of Cutting Rhythms, Intuitive Film Editing and a lecturer in film production at Macquarie University, not only about common mistakes student filmmakers make when directing their first movies but how editors can help correct some of those missteps in post-production. Check it out below:

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Source: NoFilmSchool