March 23, 2018

Meet R1, the First Self-Flying 4K Drone

This autonomous drone from Skydio can be flown without expertise.

10 years ago, MIT classmates Adam Bry, Abraham Bacharach, and Matt Donahoe had a great idea. As the drone market was expanding, they wondered: What if we created an autonomous, video-capturing drone? A decade later, their product has come to market.

The R1, developed by the MIT grads’ start-up, Skydio, is the first professional-grade drone that can be flown without expertise. Geared toward “rock climbers, hikers, runners, dancers, or anyone who likes recording themselves while in motion,” according to MIT News, the R1 is equipped with 13 onboard cameras that capture omnidirectional video. The artificial intelligence-powered quadcopter shoots 4K video while mapping its environment in real-time, planning paths and avoiding obstacles in order to capture moving targets.

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Source: NoFilmSchool