February 25, 2018

Step on It! The Steadicam Air is a Gas-Powered Monopod with Hands-Free Extension

Forget all that twisting and tightening. This monopod from Steadicam lets you adjust your height with a gas-powered pedal.

The legacy of the monopod has been overshadowed by tripods, gimbals, and other popular camera stabilizers for quite a while. I mean, I get it. How do you make what is basically a 1/4″ -20 screw on a stick sound sexier in comparison to a handheld gyroscopic device that makes your camera basically float in midair?

Well, Tiffen, the parent company of Steadicam, has unleashed a monopod that will definitely be catching some glances with its interesting gas-powered pedal, which allows users to adjust their height hands-free. Meet the Steadicam Air.

The Steadicam Air is made of lightweight carbon fiber and has a bunch of exciting features, primarily the 100% gas-powered, spring-activated pedal for height adjustment, but also 360-degree rotation, reversible 1/4″ -20 and 3/8″ -16 mounting plate, and an oversized rubber foot that provides added stability.

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Source: NoFilmSchool