February 4, 2018

Watch: Photography Terms That Don't Make Any Damn Sense

A look at some of the most frustratingly confusing terminology in image making.

Why do we call lenses that let in more light “fast?” “Stops” are a doubling or halving of light and don’t actually stop anything? International Organization of Standardization = ISO…not IOS? WHY!!??

Yeah, a lot of the terminology used in photography and cinematography is just bonkers and doesn’t make a whole lot of rational sense—which is kind of the case with a lot of professional terminologies—and if you’re confused, amused, or angered by these strange, sometimes misleading terms, you should check out this video by photographers Tony and Chelsea Northrup and laugh—or rage—or flood the comments with your nerdery and accurate explanations.

“Depth of Field…what kind of fancy ass person made this term?”

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Source: NoFilmSchool