February 3, 2018

These 6 Techniques Will Help You Shoot Better Drone Footage

Is your drone footage lacking that cinematic feel? These tips will help you out.

Drones have opened up aerial cinematography to indie filmmakers in a big way. We’re able to capture more dynamic shots from perspectives that were only possible with a helicopter and load of cash to rent one, but ability doesn’t equal quality—a lot of work and precision goes into shooting beautiful, cinematic footage with a drone. In this video, Teppo Haapoja goes over six tips that will help you take your aerial cinematography to the next level. Check it out below:

Shooting good drone footage requires creativity, dexterity, and technical know-how. Haapoja’s tips focus more on the technical side, like camera and image settings, as well as basic camera operation techniques.

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Source: NoFilmSchool