December 30, 2017

Watch: Where Do Babies Come from (When You're Casting a Movie)?

This video answers a common question among indie filmmakers: how do you cast a baby in a film?

So, you want to employ a baby, huh? Well, guess what, as long as it’s for the purpose of acting in your movie you totally can! But you’re probably not wondering whether you can or you can’t, but how. How in the hell do you cast a baby? Where do they come from? Where do you look? What kinds of legal hoops do you have to jump through in order to keep these precious angels safe and happy and you out of jail? Vox answers all of these burning questions and more in the video below.

It turns out that there are a lot of hoops (i.e. child labor laws) you’ll have to jump through in order to cast these adorable near-newborns in your film, but the requirements vary greatly depending on which state you’re shooting in. Some states require babies to be at least 15-days-old and restrict the amount of time they can work or even be on set, ranging from the very restrictive (two consecutive on-set hours per day with actual work not exceeding 20 minutes) to the severely lax (6-hour, 6-day work week).

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Source: NoFilmSchool