December 30, 2017

How Shooting Handheld Can Improve Your Films and Videos

Even though there are plenty of powerful camera stabilizers on the market, sometimes just some good, old-fashioned handheld camera work is what your project needs.

From Steadicams to sliders, there are countless tools out there that you can use to stabilize your footage, and if you’re like many filmmakers, you probably have a couple of them that you bring with you every time you shoot a project. But in situations in which simplicity and versatility trump smoothness, it’d be wise to know how to handle your camera without the aid of a stabilizer. In this video, Anders Øvergaard of Andyax not only shows you a few techniques that you can use to up your handheld game but also explains why going handheld is sometimes much better than using a fancy stabilization rig.

Every decision you make when shooting a film should be an intentional one and going handheld is no different. In other words, you don’t shoot handheld because you’re lazy or because you don’t have a stabilizer—friggin’ don’t be lazy and make a DIY stabilizer—you shoot handheld because it’s the best choice for the shot.

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Source: NoFilmSchool