December 24, 2017

Watch: The Most Breathtaking Cinematography of 2017

From Deakins and Storaro to relative newcomers, the work of these DPs defined a gorgeous year in cinema.

The cinematography that captured our imaginations this year is a balance of the sweeping and the intimate, the urgent and the languid. In the year when many have predicted that Roger Deakins may finally win an Oscar, we naturally had to include his masterwork Blade Runner 2049, but our list also includes everything from highly stylized period pieces to documentaries to understated narratives that feel like documentaries.

To compile our list, we asked No Film School writers to submit a single film that stood out visually above all others for them this year. Excerpts from each were then cut into a supercut by video essayist Nelson Carvajal of Free Cinema Now. See his gorgeous video, and read our thinking behind each inclusion, below.

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Source: NoFilmSchool