December 24, 2017

‘Lady Bird’ Is Now A24’s Highest-Grossing Film, Having Just Surpassed ‘Moonlight’

Lady Bird’s” list of accolades continues to accumulate. After becoming the highest-rated movie in Rotten Tomatoes history — it was 100% “fresh” with nearly 200 reviews until a lone contrarian came along — Greta Gerwig’s coming-of-age drama is now A24’s most financially successful film. After a little less than two months in theaters, it has now made $28,306,445 within the United States — placing it above the $27,854,932 earned by “Moonlight.”

Barry Jenkins’ Best Picture winner still holds the worldwide title for A24, having made more than $65 million total; “Lady Bird” has yet to open in foreign markets, and so those numbers won’t be available for some time. The film, which stars Saoirse Ronan in the title role, got off to a promising start when it earned $364,437 in four theaters during its opening weekend — a $91,109 per-theater average, one of the highest of the year.

With four Golden Globe nominations and a number of Oscar nods expected, “Lady Bird” is likely to continue its box-office ascent in the coming weeks and months.

Source: IndieWire film