December 10, 2017

Yep, Here's Another Ode to the Best Shots in All of Cinematic History

These are some of the greatest camera moves ever recorded on film.

It has been about six months, but CineFix is back with the latest installment of their Best Shots of All Time series. While previous videos showed us the very best in shot size, shot types, and establishing shots and cutaways, Part 4 explores the wonders of camera movement. From pans and tilts to rolls and pushes, we get to see how some of history’s greatest auteurs cleverly moved the camera to communicate in new and exciting ways with their audiences.

The subject matter in this installment of the series, in my opinion, is the most accessible and palatable, because everyone loves a good camera move. Whether it’s Wes Anderson’s signature whip pans or the knockout dutch tilt in Creed, audiences love the showmanship of a kinetic camera. However, the moves that earned a place on CineFix’s list are a lot more subdued and subtle than the examples shown throughout the video.

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Source: NoFilmSchool