December 9, 2017

This Cheat Sheet Contains All the Walkie-Talkie Lingo You Should Know on Set

Don’t know anything about walkie codes and radio etiquette? That’s okay, this infographic will help bring you up to speed.

Unless you’ve worked on a professional film production (or read one of our previous articles about it) walkie-talkie lingo probably seems like a foreign language to you. This can create some real confusion and anxiousness when you arrive on your first real film set and have to awkwardly announce to everyone that you have to go to the bathroom instead of confidently giving the ol’ “10-1” or “10-2” code before heading off to the john. This is why becoming fluent in the lingo is super important, and StudioBinder wants to make the process a little easier for you.

Back in August, StudioBinder shared a video that covered all of the crucial codes needed to communicate clearly and efficiently with crew members on set via walkie-talkie, and while that was great and very helpful, they’ve decided to make the information a little more accessible.

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Source: NoFilmSchool