December 9, 2017

‘Call Me by Your Name’ Meets ‘Monsters University’ in Hilarious Trailer — Watch

Later, Sully. Now that “Call Me by Your Name” has emerged as an awards-season favorite and bonafide art-house hit, two things are certain: hot takes and memes. “We Are Bears” writer Mikey Heller has gifted us with the latter, recutting the “Call Me by Your Name” trailer using clips from “Monsters University.” Why, you ask? No, reader — why not?

Like most of these exercises, this one cleverly capitalizes on the two films’ superficial plot similarities — Luca Guadagnino’s acclaimed drama deals with academia, as does Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.” sequel; too, both involve unexpected friendships. Only the former delves into romance, of course, which is where this gets truly inventive.

Watch as Mike and Sully realize that, like Elio and Oliver, there may be something between them — all as the dulcet tones of Sufjan Stevens gently guide them along. Watch the trailer below and long for a time when Michael Stuhlbarg tells you about love.

Source: IndieWire film