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    Top 4 Reasons to Apply to SXSW Release It

    December 8, 2017

December 8, 2017

Top 4 Reasons to Apply to SXSW Release It

2017 SXSW Release It – Photo by Jim Antich

Launching a new and innovative product or service? Apply to the 2018 SXSW Release It pitch competition for the opportunity to present to a panel of judges comprised of technology industry experts, venture capitalists, and high-profile media during SXSW.

Be one of the ten cutting-edge companies selected to pitch live at SXSW 2018 during Startup & Tech Sectors. A panel of hand-picked judges will select the product or service most likely to succeed in the marketplace. Past winners for the SXSW Release It event include Honest Dollar, Inteliclinic Inc.,
Neuroon Open, and Abartys Health.

Interested but want to know more? Read on for the top reasons to apply and what the SXSW staff and advisors look for in a successful application.

Top Reasons to Apply

  1. Product validation — Hear what experts have to say about your product or service and use their feedback to help you improve your company.

  2. Professional coaching – Work with our industry pros for pre-event coaching on your startup elevator pitch.

  3. Step into the media spotlight – Marketing of your startup via SXSW media channels and our global media channels that attend the event.

  4. Make connections — Gain access to the highest level of investors, media, and thought leaders at SXSW.

Staff Tips for Application Success

  1. Meet the minimum SXSW Release It Eligibility Criteria

  2. Showcase a startup that is innovative and disruptive

  3. Share a video of what you do in your submitted application

  4. Showcase what makes you different in the market (i.e. your market differentiator)

  5. Highlight key members of your team and/or those supporting your startup (Staff, Advisory Board, Board Members, Mentors, Funders, Accelerator and/or Incubator involvement, etc.)

Read the eligibility requirements and FAQ before you apply by the deadline on Friday, January 19, 2018.

Apply Now

2017 SXSW Release It – Photo by Jim Antich

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