December 3, 2017

This Mashup Celebrates All of the Movies That Came Out in 2017

From “Wonder Woman” to “Get Out,” this year has seen some truly exciting and boundary-pushing cinema.

Whether 2017 went down as the greatest or absolute worst year in recent memory for you, you can’t deny the deluge of awesome films that have graced the screens these past 300-and-some-odd days. The first female-directed, female-driven CBM, Wonder Woman, became the top-grossing superhero origin movie, while It had the biggest opening weekend of any contemporary horror or supernatural film. But record-breaking and box office receipts aside, 2017 also brought forth challenging, transgressive, and beautifully crafted films, like Get Out, The Disaster Artist, and Lady Bird.

To commemorate all of this cinematic goodness, Louis Plamondon of Sleepy Skunk takes us through the year’s most brilliant films with yet another mashup. Check it out down below:

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Source: NoFilmSchool