November 12, 2017

Video: Meet the GoPro That Survived Being Eaten Alive by Lava

If you ever wanted to know what you would see if you were swallowed by lava, this GoPro survived a lava flow to show you.

Okay, we all know GoPros are tough. We’ve seen them withstand being shot out of canons, dunked in liquid nitrogen, and even launched into space, but what’s the one thing, other than maybe an asteroid the size of Texas, that you’d think a GoPro wouldn’t survive? That’s right: lava, 2000-degree molten rock that can so easily turn your precious lungs and skin into a crispy brick of char in seconds. It sounds appropriate to say a little action camera would be completely obliterated if it ever came into contact with the stuff, but watch how this GoPro gets swallowed up by a lava flow like it ain’t no thang in the video below.

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Source: NoFilmSchool