November 3, 2017

'A Gray State': How Erik Nelson Unraveled a Triple Murder Conspiracy in His Herzog-Produced True Crime Doc

Director Erik Nelson calls his film ‘The Shining’ meets ‘Grizzly Man.’

In a sea of recent true-crime docs, Erik Nelson’s A Gray State stands apart as a truly riveting psychological drama, complete with widespread conspiracy theories, political currents, and penultimate tragedy.

The story revolves around an Iraq War vet and aspiring filmmaker named David Crowley, who went from patriot to skeptic during his two tours in Iraq, and made a DIY trailer for an ambitious dystopian feature film about a not-that-far-from-reality future where the government has trampled all over civil rights and the people are in armed revolt. Unsurprisingly, this trailer spread wildly via internet conspiracy theorists and tea party activists. Suddenly, Crowley was becoming the voice of a movement and his film was poised to receive real Hollywood funding.

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Source: NoFilmSchool