October 21, 2017

Roger Deakins Explains His Personal Connection to Cinematography

“It’s experiencing life.”

Though Roger Deakins has yet to ever win an Oscar, he is one of the most highly regarded cinematographers in the world. His talent for telling stories through his beautiful imagery is world-renowned and he’s worked with some of the greatest directors in history, including Martin Scorsese, the Coen Brothers, Frank Darabont, and Denis Villeneuve. ARRI interviewed Deakins for its “The Filmmaker’s View” series to talk about his love for, philosophy on, and approach to cinematography and his responses provide burgeoning DPs everywhere so much to learn from.

Why he loves movies

Deakins is a great lover of films, referring to them in the interview as “old friends” that he has spent his life with. “They pose questions to me,” he says about his love for them in his youth, a love that initially led him to get into painting, graphic design, and photography before he started his career as a documentary cinematographer in the 70s.

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Source: NoFilmSchool