October 21, 2017

Mashup: 14 Parodies of One of the Most Famous Horror Scenes in Movie History

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Hitchcock must be tickled pink by all of the parodies of his most famous horror film.

When it comes to comedy, parody is my guiltiest pleasure when it’s mediocre and one of my most favorite devices of buffoonery when it’s great. From Saturday Night Live skits to Spaceballs to Scary Movie, works of parody can be used to do any number of things, whether it’s to make fun of individuals with great power or to call attention to a film genre tropes that have become tired and cliché.

Regardless of the comedic purpose, though, no film has been as perfectly and hilariously parodied than Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, particularly the infamous shower scene. This mashup by the folks at TIFF shows you not only how often it has been the target of parody, but how influential and fascinating it has been to filmmakers since it hit theaters.

Here are all of the films and TV shows that appear in the mashup (though I’m not so sure you’d call Gus Van Sant’s remake a parody).

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Source: NoFilmSchool