October 13, 2017

Sony's New Projector Turns Anything into a Touch Screen

The future is now.

Sony first unveiled its prototype for the Xperia Touch Projector back in February at the Mobile World Conference, and even then the concept was groundbreaking. Essentially, the Xperia Touch is a projector that you hook up to your Android phone, but unlike any other projector before, you can actually then use any surface the image is projected on as if it is a touchscreen.

Equipped with Android Nougat, the Xperia Touch can do just about anything an Android tablet can do. Whatever apps, videos or games you’d use on your phone can now be used on virtually any surface within your reach. And while Sony seems to mainly be marketing the device as a “family hub”, or a tool for meetings, the implications for what this technology could bring further down the line are vast.

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Source: NoFilmSchool