September 10, 2017

‘Star Wars Episode IX’: Stephen Colbert Thinks Werner Herzog Should Replace Colin Trevorrow — Watch

Now that Colin Trevorrow is out as “Star Wars Episode IX” director, everyone has an opinion on who should replace him. That includes IndieWire, of course — our picks include newly crowned Golden Lion winner Guillermo del Toro, wonder woman Patty Jenkins, and true detective Cary Fukunaga — as well as Stephen Colbert. Watch the full segment below.

The “Late Show” host discussed the “Book of Henry” helmer’s ouster on Friday night, joking that not all is well in the wretched hive of scum and villainy known as Hollywood. Among Colbert’s suggestions to replace Trevorrow? Quentin Tarantino, because we all know that the franchise far, far away is “missing ’70s music and extended conversations about cheeseburgers” — so get ready for “Episode IX: Everybody Shoots First.”

Also on the list: Nancy Meyers, whose “What Wookiees Want” serves to remind that “sometimes, the droids you were looking for were right in front of you the whole time.” Best of all is Werner Herzog, for whose “Episode IX” the “Late Show” team put together a fake trailer complete with the German auteur’s distinct narration. Who wouldn’t want to watch “Episode IX: Why Do We Need a Subtitle When 100 Years From Now Each of Us Will Be Dead Buried in the Cold, Dark Ground”?

Source: IndieWire film