September 10, 2017

‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Teaser: The Honeymoon Doesn’t Go as Planned — Watch

As if in response to “It” making $117 million at the box office this weekend, the first teaser trailer for a rather different blockbuster has just been released: “Fifty Shades Freed.” The third entry in the soon-to-be billion-dollar franchise finds its stars ready to embark on their honeymoon, which probably won’t go as planned — if it did, why would they need to make a movie about it? Watch below.

“I solemnly vow to love you faithfully, forsaking all others. I promise to trust and respect you and to keep you safe for as long as we both shall live,” narrates Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) as the teaser opens. From there, things get less traditionally romantic — Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) is pursued by would-be kidnappers and the couple’s famed S&M exploits are briefly teased.

The full trailer will be unveiled in November, because that’s a thing that happens now. James Foley directed “Fifty Shades Freed,” which arrives in theaters on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Source: IndieWire film