September 3, 2017

Paul Schrader Received a Visit From the Department of Homeland Security for a Facebook Post About Donald Trump

As tends to be the case with Paul Schrader movies, “First Reformed” doesn’t sound like it’s for the faint of heart. Ethan Hawke stars as a grief-stricken ex-military chaplain, with Amanda Seyfried as a member of his church coping with the recent suicide of her husband. It’s currently making the festival rounds at Venice and Toronto, prompting the “Taxi Driver” screenwriter to talk about his latest project — and that time he was visited by the DHS earlier this year.

“I did get visited by Homeland Security this year because I posted something on Facebook about Donald Trump and the John Brown moment we are now in,” Schrader tells Variety. “So they came and visited me to ascertain whether I am a threat to the president’s life. I am not — except in theory. There is this sense in the world now that something must be done, and it’s tearing this character apart.”

He knows it may not be for everyone, but Schrader feels content now that he’s made this movie: “I can hang up my spurs and saddle if I want,” he says. Read the full interview here.

Source: IndieWire film