August 18, 2017

Watch: How 'Bonnie and Clyde' Birthed Graphic Violence and Changed American Cinema

50 years after its release, Bonnie and Clyde continues to influence generations of filmmakers. A new video essay from Screenprism takes a look at the reasons.

Bonnie and Clyde was a script that passed around Hollywood for several years—even going through the hands of Francois Truffaut—before ending up with Warren Beatty. Shirley Maclaine’s brother and a consummate Hollywood insider, Beatty agreed to take an upfront pay cut in order to get the film made. The result, directed by Arthur Penn and released in 1967, would have reverberations across America cinema forever more.

According to ScreenPrism, here are three things that Bonnie and Clyde changed in American film.

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Source: NoFilmSchool