August 13, 2017

Adam Savage Goes Incognito in the ‘Alien: Covenant’ Spacesuit at Comic-Con — Watch

He isn’t busting myths anymore, but Adam Savage remains a busy guy. His latest “Tested” segment finds the former “Mythbusters” host wearing an actual spacesuit from “Alien: Covenant” around San Diego Comic-Con — not that most of the people there realize it’s him. Watch the video below.

Savage first examines the spacesuit in depth, from the Reebok logo on the magnetic boots and the GoPro camera that was actually used to shoot footage in the film to the working screens on the wrist and the “pièce de résistance” that is the helmet. “This is one of the most beautiful space helmets I’ve ever seen, for real or for fiction,” Savage says of the elaborate headgear.

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The real fun starts when he puts the suit on, a lengthy process that eventually finds him roaming through SDCC; somehow, several people correctly guess his identity despite the giant, metallic-green helmet covering his face. Savage says it’s the most comfortable spacesuit he’s ever worn, so know that the many, many people who die in “Alien: Covenant” were at least comfortable.

Source: IndieWire film